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Constellation Enterprises Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for Winco Generators.

Whether you are looking for Portable Power, Commercial or Residential Standby, Prime Power, or PTO generators, we have many options.

Single and 3-Phase are available in several voltage and power rating.

Made in the USA with quality components is important for reliability and service so you have power when you need it.

About Winco

About Winco

Winco is a family/veteran owned business that manufactures in rural Minnesota.

Building America's best PTO generators since 1950.

Winco's People

Winco history dates back several decades, and has not had a layoff since 1991. They have an exceptional team continually keeping abreast of the latest technologies.

Winco's Capabilities

Winco is continually investing in manufacturing capabilities. They do much more than assembling which allows them to provide a level of support that is unmatched in the industry.

Winco at Work

Quality Winco Generators   -   Power when you need it

Authorized Dealer

Constellation Enterprises Inc.

Sales and Service.

Why Winco

There's Power in Quality.

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There's Power in Quality.

Please see these Winco videos.

Winco Power Systems - Generator Specialists since 1927

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WINCO has been building dependable generators since 1927